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Alex Van den Broek

Arranger & Choral Director Content & Campaigns

With her roots in choral and vocal harmony ensembles, Alex Van den Broek is a versatile vocalist, arranger, choral director and singer-songwriter based in Brisbane, Australia. Alex is a highly-sought after arranger/vocal director writing for ensembles both here in Australia and abroad, known for carefully curating magical moments to let every voice shine. In 2021 Alex began working extensively with The Little Red Company creating stunning musical moments for Little Red’s shows Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves, There’s Something About Music and the Matilda Award-winning Your Song, as well as arranging and conducting Christmas musical magic for the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols.

Alex also leads a double life as a TikTok harmony superstar, creating short form a cappella content for an audience of over 175,000 followers and a total of 2.1 million likes across her platform. Through TikTok, Alex has been responsible for creating various trends and challenges, and loves connecting with harmony lovers all over the globe. If you couldn’t already tell, Alex is a huge lover of all things vocal harmony and contemporary choral music. She often mentors various a cappella groups both here in Brisbane and beyond, and is currently Musical Director of QUT Vox Pop, a choir based at the Queensland University of Technology.

When she’s not TikTok-ing, writing charts or workshopping groups, Alex spends her time writing, recording and gigging with her electropop girl band MVP here in Brisbane.