Wrecking Ball

“Incredible pipes, a top-class band, some shrewd writing and buckets of charm combine to show an unexpectedly candid side of the twerking girl most of us have written off as a trainwreck.” – Baz McAlister, The Courier-Mail

Hannah Montana is dead.

The postmortem is inconclusive. Natural causes? Or hot-mess murder gone platinum?

Childhood friend Miley returns home to Nashville for the wake. F**k the funeral, it’s the party she’s come for.

In this open letter to you – her pouters and doubters – Miley takes a sledge hammer to Disney dreams, teen idols and tabloid fantasies.This is one eulogy you’ll kill to see.

Wrecking Ball hails from the creators of the critically acclaimed Rumour Has It and is the ultimate coming of age party, starring Naomi Price.

Wrecking Ball premiered 28 May 2014 at Brisbane Powerhouse.

The Courier-Mail “As with their Adele treatment, Price and co-writer Adam Brunes employ a combination of tribute, parody, humour and reflection to create an insightful portrait of a real person rather than a caricature. Price’s performance transcends impersonation… She is in command throughout, from autobiographical monologue to standup banter, audience interaction and outstanding musical performance backed by a top-rate toe-tappin’ band.”

Greenroom “Naomi Price and the little red company give you the best and the worst of Miley in what is, surprisingly, an emotional and compassionate glimpse into what it means to grow up and out, and into yourself… She is a true cabaret artist, in the best sense of the word.” Full Review

Scene Magazine “Wrecking Ball is a fist-pumpingly well-written, intelligent and hilarious investigation of celebrity branding, smothered with Miley’s highly infectious ‘F*ck you, I’ll do what I want!’ attitude… Naomi Price, aka Miley, is ludicrous amounts of talented. It’s quite genuinely unreal.” Full Review

The Music “Price is hilarious and surprisingly moving as the walking, talking train wreck that is Miley Cyrus, a young girl teetering on the edge of self-destruction in her efforts to separate herself from her past. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun to watch.” Full Review

A production by The Little Red Company

Created by Adam Brunes & Naomi Price

Music Director Jason McGregor

Lighting Designer Jason Glenwright

Production Manager Jamie Taylor

Creative Consultant Chris Farrell

Starring Naomi Price With Mik Easterman, Rachel Everett-Jones, Andrew Johnson, Michael Manikus, Jason McGregor

Images by Dylan Evans