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January 2022

Alisha Todd is a pop and soul singer whose musical passion and talent spans songwriting, production and performance. After attaining a university degree in contemporary music and spending years as an international traveller and solo singer-songwriter, Alisha has been gracing the Australian original music scene in her indie-pop project GENIIE BOY and latin-soul-groove band Volcanic Lovers. Sisters Are Doing It

Jazz, soul and blues singer Angela Fabian has a voice and stage persona that captivates any audience. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Angela began singing at the age of 12 in her church and school choirs before touring extensively throughout the USA and Canada. Ahead of Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves in February, Angela divulges her gospel roots and pays

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves co-creator and director, Naomi Price, gives the inside scoop on the origins of our Sister Act homage, the casting of our divine divas and her hopes for a greener future.    Tell us about your earliest memory of the Sister Act films: My brothers and I had both films on VHS and we practically wore the tapes out watching